Sat. May 18th, 2024

Ruben Ware

In electronics, especially in signal processing and transmission, two standard methods are used to couple signals between devices: AC coupled vs DC coupled approaches. Both techniques have advantages and considerations, making it crucial to understand their differences and choose the appropriate method for specific applications. In this context, understanding the relationship between voltage, current, and power is essential, and tools like an ‘amps to watts calculator‘ or a ‘volts to watts calculator’ can be invaluable. This ...... Read More
Ireland’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable practices has gained significant momentum recently. As the country strives to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a greener future, innovative technologies play a crucial role. One such innovation is the¬†Tesla Powerwall, a cutting-edge energy storage solution that is transforming how we store and utilize electricity. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and potential impact of Tesla Powerwall in Ireland, drawing on data and information from reputable ...... Read More
Energy Vault, a gravity-based power storage provider, has begun building on its first commercial-scale project. The 100MWh battery pack is being constructed near a wind generator in Rudong, Jiangsu State, China, just east of Shanghai. According to the announcement, this implies the firm’s approach is cost-effective and environmentally benign, allowing the usage of renewable energy from moments when demand is low to instances when capacity is mostly required during peak hours. ...... Read More
ERG, an Italian clean energy provider, has agreed to a five-year agreement with ONYX Insight to leverage their cloud-based advanced analytics fleetMONITOR for the improvement of component timeframes and save operations and maintenance-related costs. The software has been installed on over 250 wind generators in Italy, Germany, as well as France, with the goal of assisting ERG in optimizing fleet operations.  ...... Read More
Stellantis N.V. with Samsung SDI has disclosed plans to build an electric vehicle battery production facility in Kokomo. The facility, which is scheduled to open in 2025, will have a starting annual production output of 23GWh, with the capacity increasing to 33GWh in the future. The joint venture will contribute more than $2.5 billion and create 1,400 new job opportunities in Kokomo and nearby areas. The investment might eventually reach $3.1 billion. The new plant will ...... Read More
Neara is growing globally, with a key orientation on the United States, to assist energy providers in managing the increasing effects of global warming, improving network stability, and accelerating clean energy integration. The company confirmed a $14 million Series B fundraising round. Neara intends to address the most pressing concerns confronting utilities, such as an increasingly unstable ecosystem, catastrophic weather occurrences, and obligations to increase renewable ...... Read More
According to SP Group’s annual Smart Grid Index, grids in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific are becoming smarter and greener. The Singapore energy group’s annual assessment shows advances in all three areas over the previous year, with North American providers continuing to dominate in smart grid construction. But the European and Asian Pacific sectors have also been steadily trailing closer and closer ...... Read More
The IRENA has released a new study on grid codes for renewable energy systems. The research examined the most recent advancements and best practices for developing grid connection codes for an electrical network that uses a high proportion of variable green energy. The research goes into detail on the technical needs for linking VRE generators to emerging technologies including storage, electric cars, and variable demand...... Read More
There are different types of energy storage alternatives available for use in the energy industry, and more are being developed. As the sector’s requirement for energy storage develops, so does the wide selection of alternatives available. Even though people have been trying to find ways to store energy generated at peak periods for later usage in order to eliminate imbalances between energy consumption and supply, ...... Read More