Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Renewable Energy

Ireland’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable practices has gained significant momentum recently. As the country strives to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a greener future, innovative technologies play a crucial role. One such innovation is the¬†Tesla Powerwall, a cutting-edge energy storage solution that is transforming how we store and utilize electricity. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and potential impact of Tesla Powerwall in Ireland, drawing on data and information from reputable ...... Read More
E.ON plans to transport up to 5 million tons of sustainable and renewable hydrogen from Australia to Europe before 2030. The German energy conglomerate has signed agreements with the Australian clean energy supplier Fortescue Future Industries for hydrogen procurement and with Tree Energy Solutions to build the supply chain. The deal with Fortescue involves a research and study collaboration and intends a rapid ramp-up of supply with the participation of the respective nations.  ...... Read More
Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in utility applications. While AI is nowhere near a new phenomenon, modern IT systems with superior machine learning algorithms are revolutionizing the sector by bringing analytical skills to potentially enormous, diverse datasets for modeling and administration in near real-time. Combine this with other current IT advances such as the cloud service, which can provide immediate access to AI capabilities, and edge computing, which provides data handling and latency improvements, and it is no wonder that AI is now ...... Read More
National Grid has set out on a route to a future that provides more affordable, dependable and sustainable energy, intending to give customers more options while combating the growing concerns of climate change. The corporation has launched its “Clean Energy Vision,” in which it will attempt to eradicate fossil fuel from its energy pipelines and establish a fossil-free future for ...... Read More
Convergent EP and National Grid have completed one of the first solar-combined storage systems offering a non-wires alternative (NWA). The system was created to provide customers with electricity that is both cost-effective and sustainable while harnessing solar energy during off-peak periods to boost New York’s grid capacity. Convergent EP of the United States and National Grid US has announced the new ...... Read More