Sat. May 18th, 2024

Smart Grid

According to SP Group’s annual Smart Grid Index, grids in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific are becoming smarter and greener. The Singapore energy group’s annual assessment shows advances in all three areas over the previous year, with North American providers continuing to dominate in smart grid construction. But the European and Asian Pacific sectors have also been steadily trailing closer and closer ...... Read More
The IRENA has released a new study on grid codes for renewable energy systems. The research examined the most recent advancements and best practices for developing grid connection codes for an electrical network that uses a high proportion of variable green energy. The research goes into detail on the technical needs for linking VRE generators to emerging technologies including storage, electric cars, and variable demand...... Read More
The switch to renewable energy will help cut CO2 emissions, but it will put a significant burden on the grid. New grid-scale storage initiatives may be the best viable solution to this problem. Unlike fossil-fuel-fired power plants, the most common types of renewable energy cannot dynamically change production to meet demand. Even in areas with strong renewable energy generation, supply is ...... Read More